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This Terracotta Pot was handmade in Italy by local craftsmen. Production and firing takes over a month, then the pot is shipped to me in Zurich, Switzerland. Hand-cleaning, designing, and painting each pot takes me 2-3 days, with special attention paid to each step. Your pot is an imperfect, perfect pot. Why imperfect? Because it is a hand-crafted, unique piece of art. Why perfect? Because I take joy and pride in detailed design, created for you.


All pots ordered on this Website are made to order and have a turnaround time between 1 to 2 weeks. We will notify you if there are any unexpected delays. For more information, please take a look at our Terms and Conditions.


SKU: 4.2019.7
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


    Medium and Large Pots comes with a drainage hole as standard.


    We recommend putting scoria in the bottom portion of the pot for drainage. You can then fill the remainder of the pot with good quality soil. All local nurseries should have scoria available.


    Please email us for international shipping quotes hello@citrusbykunz.ch


    Pots are unable to be returned or exchanged when ordered on our Website. For more information, please see our General Terms & Conditions.

  • Mini Pot - 10cms width x 10cms height