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We are Carina Bengel from the Immenfeld Manor in rural Schwyz and Delvis Dennisse Kunz from Citrus by Kunz from bustling Zurich.


We share the passion for beautiful things that tell their stories and brighten up living spaces with their simple and enchanting nature. In summer 2019, we came up with the idea to enable other people to buy things with history and impressive simplicity in order to beautify their own living spaces.


Carina restores old historical windows and doors  which she finds on her expeditions through the many (dusty) corners of the the Immenfeld Manor built in 1580. She is inspired by the vision of giving a second life to these beautiful remnants of Swiss history, which have accumulated over time and are unfortunately no longer useful, by finding them a new home. This way, the windows and doors can continue to tell their stories by merging history with the life of modernity and complementing new surroundings with a rough, venerable charm from a time long past.


Delvis Dennisse wants to enrich the life of others with her beautiful designs: with her hand-painted terracotta pots that are reminiscent of holidays and her unique wall art pieces. Delvis loves to design interior spaces and breathe new color and life into spaces according to her own dreams.


The Immenfeld Manor is a 340-year-old manor house dating from 1580 with a chapel and adjoining farm buildings in Schwyz. After its complete restoration in 2017/2018, the Immenfeld Manor finally shines in new splendour. Carina and her partner Thomas, who owns the Immenfeld Manor, open up the Manor's most beautiful historical rooms to the public and make them available for those interested and rent the Manor for company events, cultural occasions, and private festivities of all kinds.

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