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'ART ON A POT' : 2020 TEAM

We are so happy with the 'ART ON A POT' 2020 collection. The planning started in August 2019 and has been in the making since. However, like everyone else, we were hit by this global pandemic in early 2020, which means that we had to change our plans quickly. We are incredibly grateful that so many of our old and new friends and supporters jumped in to help to push this collection to the end. I would like to present to you the invisible forces behind the scene that made the 'ART ON A POT' 2020 collection possible.

Leah Mosquera

Instagram: @leahmosquera

I would like to introduce Leah Mosquera. She is not just an amazing cool mom of three, but a talented photographer who appreciates beauty everywhere. Leah, a New Yorker who has lived in Bermudas and now Switzerland, was more than essential for CITRUS by Kunz. Unfortunaltely, my previous photographer couldn't make it to Switzerland due to a travel ban because of the virus. When I reached out to Leah for help with pictures, she was there for me throughout the entire process. She couldn't take the pictures because of social distancing, but she gave me feedback, suggestions and guidance on how to take the pictures for the collection and on top of that edited for me around 500 pictures. Without her, the new collection would never have been ready for launch. THANK YOU!

Anna Prytkova

Instagram: @prytkovaway

Anna, Anna...You are such a gifted photographer. You are an artist. Anna is the eye and brain behind of the photo shooting of 'IN THE MAKING'. She followed me for hours while I was painting two plant pots and made a photo documentary about my life while painting the pots at my studio. We had so many dreams and ideas for this collection, but sadly the virus didn't allow us to continue working this year together. I look forward on creating more beautiful projects with you. Follow us IN THE MAKING!

Kathrin Wuertele

Instagram: @ensouling_ideas

If you don't know who is Kathrin Wuertele, you must get to know her now. She takes any simple business idea, dream or aspiration and makes it something exceptional. Kathrin is my business coach and one of the strongest voices I have currently at CITRUS by Kunz. She sees everything from an angle that I have not even considered. She sees opportunities where many cannot see it. There are no limitations, there are just opportunities. Kathrin is constantly pushing me and CITRUS by Kunz to another level and I cannot wait to see how much more we will accomplish together.

Anika Zebron

Instagram: @anikazebron

Anika Zebron is one of my closest friends and one of the most talented woman I know. Anika can do anything, sing, draw, write, photography, filming, editing, painting, organizing events... you name it. I have had the opportunity to work with Anika in a few projects, including a collaboration with CITRUS Co. Together we organized the #bossladies Pop Up in Seattle which laid the foundation stone for #bossladies Zurich. To this day, and despite the distance between us, Anika is my second pair of eyes. I always call her to check my visual art and my grammar (which is my weakness). She is always there for me. This time was not an exception. I called Anika and asked her, "Could you look at my website and let me know what is it not working?" That was all. She checked every little detail, from format, style to wording. I miss her every day and wish that we were living a bit closer.

Valeria Viollaz

Instagram: @viollaz.giftbox

Valeria Viollaz - what an eye for beauty. Anything that Valeria touches becomes a piece of art. She is the founder of Viollaz Gift Boxes in Luzern, Switzerland. But before that, she was a product stylist for more than 10 years. Valeria is currently working on my new presentation of the DIY Box. It was all her idea...and when she called me to tell me her idea, I couldn't resist. I had to take the offer. I knew it will be amazing. I love everything about it. Valeria and I are very similar, we don't stop in creativity. I enjoy working with her very much and I cannot wait to show you the final outcome.

Michael Kunz

Michael Kunz, my husband, editor and lawyer. He is my number one cheerleader since the day that CITRUS was born. He is the one who edits most of my texts, revises my website, checks that I am on the right side of the law and constantly provides me with constructive feedback. He believes in me, stands behind me and supports me, regardless of what idea I have. I am so grateful for everything he does for me... words of encouragement, words of advise and for his infinite love. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Delvis Dennisse Kunz

Instagram: @citrusbykunz

I am a dreamer, admirer of beautiful things, and go-getter. For this collection, I wanted to offer more options, more colors, more forms, more feelings, more information... I just wanted more. So wanting more and living in the current situation that we all are, has pushed me to think outside of the box and to see beyond. To be able to reach those outside-of-the-box ideas and find the right people to surround you with. Many things would not have being possible without all my friends mentioned above. CITRUS by Kunz is what it is because of your input, talent and support.



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