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Home-Office DIY

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Step 1:

Find a nice corner in your apartment or house. Ideally next to a window.

Step 2 :

If you have a regular table or desk, place it at least one meter from the window so you can open the window fully. If you have a closet like me, leave a minimum space of one meter between the table and the closet. Unless the room you are using is very small, do not put your table against a wall. If you are in need of a desk or table, I would recommend to go for wood or bamboo. There are some nice options at Bolia, Ikea and

Step 3 :

If you are working from home, it is worth investing in a decent desk chair. Choose a chair that is a both comfortable and chic. I got mine at

Step 4 :

Add your computer, key board and important papers. One of the things that I like the most about home offices is the options that we have to organise our paper work. You can get an organiser in Ikea or on I always like to have a my notebook with a pen or pencil near by. The Notebook is from Home & Fleur.

Step 5 :

Add some plant pots and plants to make the space cozy. I use a large cono plant pot with a Ficus Lyrata on the left side against the wall, a medium bowl plant pot next to the window with a Monsterra, and a mini cylinder plant pot with a cactus on my desk.

Extra Tips :

If you live in Switzerland and are looking for Ficus Lyrata, it can get a bit difficult to find one. You can ask plant stores to order one for you. I ordered mine with Blumenhaus Sihlfeld. You can also add a rug under your table to make the space more cozy. If you use neutral colors for your chair and organiser, you can add a rug with a nice pattern, such as the THATO RUG from ARTHA Collections.



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