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Terracotta Handcrafted Pot

Updated: May 27, 2019

I would like to give you an introduction of the people that are handcrafting our terracotta pots in Italy and provide you with some interesting facts about the production process.

Who handcraft the terracotta pots?

Our terracotta pots are produced in an atelier in the North of Italy that has been owned by the same Italian family for 100 years. The company has a team of around eight people who are making the terracotta pots by hand. It takes several weeks to produce a terracotta pot, but you can see and feel the high quality of the pots and the love that is put into them during the production process.

Can I Keep My Pot Outside?

We are often asked if our terracotta pots can also be kept outside. The answer is Yes! Our terracotta pots are for both inside and outside use. Terracotta is a material that can handle cold and warm temperatures. To ensure that you can enjoy our products for a long time, our coloring has also been tested to withstand rain, snow and stormy weather. You can therefore keep your Citrus by Kunz pot wherever it fits best.

Facts about the process:

  1. Every terracotta pot is handmade

  2. The only machine used in the production process is a giant oven to cook the pots

  3. It takes close to two months to put your hands on a terracotta pot, calculated from the day the order is placed

  4. The atelier turned 100 years old this year and several members of the owner family still work there.


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