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Home Office : Affordable Ideas

Currently, many people in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, USA and all over the world are working from home. So how do you create a good workspace that is cozy and provides all the comfort you need? I am personally a big fan of home offices. I think having a home office in your apartment or house is essential. I realised when my husband and I got our first apartment. He worked in the dining room and I worked in the living room. I didn't like that every time we went to have dinner in dinning room or watch tv in the living room, everything was occupied. So when we got our new place, the first thing I designed was the home office. It is the space we use the most. I am sharing with you two office ideas. Both are very similar because I designed them more or less at the same time and the needs were similar.



1. Space for two

2. An extra table for sewing and to paint plant pots

3. Space for books

4. A way how to archive our papers and bills

Shelves, table, cabinet and desk legs are from Ikea. We bought the legs of the desk in natural wood color and painted them white. The hanging files with folders came from Target, but you can find something similar at The desk chairs are from The lamp is from ZARA HOME. Because I designed the office when we just returned to Switzerland, I didn't have CITRUS by Kunz yet, so we bought pots at different stores in Zurich.



1. A space for a personal computer

2. File for documents

3. Space to craft

4. Space for books

The home office was designed for an elementary school teacher. She needed a space for all the school paperwork and an extra table to do art and crafts for her students. Now that we are all quarantined, she can also comfortably teach online. The desk and shelves are from IKEA. The frames, the carpet, the lamp and the small base are from Target. The pots and bulletin board are from TjMaxx. The plants are from Home Depot. Share your home office ideas with us!



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