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In the Making

Since August 2019, we have been working on our new spring collection. Planning with artisans about new pot shapes, sizes, and new design patterns. When we finally received the pots between December and January, I started to hand-paint each pot. I am very excited about presenting the new full collection very soon.

CITRUS by Kunz pots are handcrafted in the Tuscany region of Italy. This artisan technique has been passed down from generation to generation for over 100 years. Each pot is carefully crafted and burned by Italian artisans. If you look carefully at each pot, you will see the texture of the clay and can feel the hands of the craftsmen in each curve of the pot.

When the pots arrive in Zurich, I sand and carefully clean each one of them. As soon as the pots are dry, I begin to draw the design with a pencil. I then put glue tape to the negative spaces of the pot and start to carefully paint the pot. This whole process takes around 2-3 days. Each pot is an imperfect, perfect pot. Why imperfect? Because it is a hand-crafted, unique piece of art. You can feel every curve and roughness of the craftsmanship process. Why perfect? Because I take joy and pride in detailed design, created for each of our clients.



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