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'Fronalpstock' was the access door from an apartment to the attic floor in the Immenfeld manor house. Due to the relocation of the old staircase, it has now become available. The special thing about this fir wood door with cassette look is not only the good condition even after more than a hundred years (approximately 1912) but also the much older, functioning lock (approximately 300 years old). A charming addition is the heart fitting with keyhole and matching key.


SKU: Nr. 6
  • The Immenfeld family does not offer shipping service, but rather invites your to visit their beautiful Immenfeld Manor in person. Carina and Thomas will give you a tour of their home and share with you the unique history of Immenfeld. They will also invite you to have a cup of coffee with a view of the mountains and help you to safely put your new door and / or window in your car.

  • Changing color / new painting on request. Email us for a pricing quote. 

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