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Updated: May 27, 2019

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Handcrafted and Hand-painted Pots

When I started with the production of the first collection I wanted to be a piece of Art and an accent in any space.

Art on a Pot will Transformed Your Space

Many times after decorating our space, we look at it and feel like something is missing. Maybe some color, maybe a spark of life. When we started with the production of our first collection, we wanted our pots to be something else than just a container for plants. Our goal was to create a piece of art that adds a unique accent to any space.

Terracotta pots from Citrus by Kunz are handmade pieces of art that will bring a touch of color to any open space or corner. When you place one of our pots in you living room, hallway and balcony, the place will immediately transform.

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