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Updated: May 29, 2019

I was born in the Caribbean in the island of Puerto Rico. Growing up as an islander I was always draw by the fresh look and designs. CITRUS by Kunz is inspired by my live in the island.

Island Facts

The water, the sun, the blue sky and the tropical vegetation always make me feel happy and at peace. In the Caribbean we have many islands to choose from. Each island has its own culture, but if anything we share is the love for the sea, the blue sky and the dense vegetation. I like to think that having such a beautiful climate most of the time really brings happiness to people, and creates the festive culture that many of us know.

Where CITRUS by Kunz was born?

The idea of CITRUS by Kunz was born in Zürich, Switzerland and established in Portland, Oregon. But the idea behind came from my life in the island. I want to bring a little bit of sunshine in every product that I design. That is why the style is fresh and fun.

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